Automation and Security

The way of the future is here!

Now you can run your whole home off a single remote or touch pad. With a flick of your finger the lights can be dimmed, your favorite song can start playing all while you answer a guest calling you from the intercom. Your whole home can be automated to exactly how you want to live, the possibilities are endless.

Robizek Electrical know all the best ways to automate your home so it gets an awesome holistic automation approach. Ensuring that if you want music in every room as soon as you come home from work, it can be done!

Welcome to the future, automation is here.

As well as home automation, Robizek Electrical also install and service home security systems.

Did you know there were almost 7,000 burglaries last year (2012 – 2013) in Auckland alone? We don’t want you to be one of them next year. Having an adequate alarm and security system installed can turn burglars off even trying to get into your house. If they see evidence of an alarm system, an intercom at the gate and a digital door lock they’ll simply put your home in the too-hard basket.

Let us professionally install your property’s automation and security systems to live in a house that gives you what you want, and to keep away unwanted visitors.

Some of our automation and security services include:

  • Installation of intercom systems – a great way to control access to your property.
  • Installation of digital door locks – with a digital door lock you’ll be welcomed to the 21st century. They offer a greater range of security options, so you will always get the protection you deserve.
  • Alarm systems – Alarm installation and maintenance is essential to the security of your property. The very visibility of your alarm system can scare off unwanted visitors.
  • Audio-visual distribution – This allows you to distribute your media (music, SkyTV, DVD etc) throughout your home how you like. So your kids can be watching a movie on full-blast in the lounge while you listen to your favorite tunes out on the deck.
  • Security camera installation – Your property is one of your most valuable assets. We install security cameras for residential, commercial or industrial properties to protect you and your property.
Home Security

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